Who am I?

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So where do I start....

The short story is…..Im shit at writing, I failed english in high school, yet here I am writing a fucking blog. I have asked myself why am I writing a blog for the last few weeks but I keep coming back to the same conclusion…. (in a really condescending voice) everyone else is doing it, you need it for your SEO, it makes you look smarter – okay so I made that last, but god knows I need all the help I can get.

Did I mention this story was going to be short…at this stage who knows.

Im a 31 year old wife and mum to a 1 year old boy and have a full time job and this business on the side.  Some might call me crazy…well my husband does so thats all that counts, But the reality is that i’m just a busy person, I always have been. Relaxing doesn’t come natural to me as I just get bored.

I hate getting board – Edward Hall

Before I became a mum I thought I was busy, then Hunter came along and it all changed as I became more busy but just in a different way, in a chaotic, unpredictable way. I absolutely love being a mum its the best so I have learnt to adapt in my new skin……learning that its okay to leave the house covered in vomit and food – its what I like to call baby art.

Before I became a mum I completed a marketing degree at unit – thats right, the chick who failed at english ACTUALY completed a degree…no bachelors degree might I ad. A fricking Masters of  Marketing. BOOM I now feel like i’m winning at life, not really i just tell myself that to make myself feel good. hahaha But if this degree was going to teach me something it was the below:

  1. You are who you are and dont change
  2. Everyone is trying to achieve a goal of some sort so lets help one another to get to the end game.
  3. Collaboration is key.

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