Wedding Candles

We know how important your wedding day is and we would love to be a part of making it a memorable experience by custom designing your very own range of custom scented wedding candles that can be used for styling your ceremony, reception or to giveaway to your guests as a Bomboniere.

Our process

Scent has the magically ability to evoke memories and emotion. To create the perfect candle for your wedding or that special someone, we like to start with the story…

What do we remember about people and weddings? We remember the colours, the sounds, the flaws that amuse us and the beauty that move us. Now discover the scent that will make you remember again and again.

Scent is as intangible as air, as fleeting as thought. Capture it in a vessel that is as beautiful and unique as the person or wedding that it was created for.

The Details

Our wedding candles our custom designed specially for you giving you a one on one experience with the candlemaker.

We typically start with a face to face meeting, so we can understand your story, the scents you like and the style of your wedding. We then go away and put a proposal together of your very own custom wedding candles.

Custom bomboniere’s for your weddings guests is a perfect way to make them relive your wedding day over and over again – not only do we make the candles, but we can also create beautifully designed packaging to go with your wedding style.

All our candles are designed in a vessel, this means there is no messy wax for you to clean up after your wedding day and is much safer for your guests. We use a variety of candle vessels available, some typical ones are: glass (coloured, clear, or textured), Marble, Concrete, Copper and Onyx.

We work with you to come up with your very own custom fragrance, and work with your florist to ensure they complement each other.

Then we make your beautiful wedding candles.

Custom Black Candles Glass Container
Glass Bombonieres wedding favours